How Coaching Works

Working through your challenges to meet your leadership goals

We meet regularly and get hyper-focused on your unique workplace goals.

Why should I invest in coaching?

Coaching works. Our research-backed approach helps you achieve meaningful goals and experience greater job satisfaction and well-being.

Rising coaching helps you set goals like these — and reach them:

  • Improve your confidence and decisiveness
  • Boost your leadership presence
  • Get on the promotion track
  • Develop your leadership brand
  • Identify your strengths and values
  • Find balance and avoid burnout

Ready to unlock transformation and realize your greatest potential by investing in yourself?

Alina’s expert guidance helped me navigate the dynamic environment of a tech company in growth mode. She helped me analyze my work style, clarify my professional goals, and lead confidently. Alina challenged me to grow professionally with a highly-informed and supportive approach.

— Brigitte Brady-Harris, Vice President of Marketing at Bed Bath & Beyond

Common Questions

Coaching is a personalized process that helps you clarify your goals and craft action plans for achieving them. It is a facilitated conversation that is guided by learned tools and techniques and aimed at supporting sustainable change to behaviors or ways of thinking and focused on learning and development.
We’ll identify your unique obstacles and challenges, and get specific about action steps to overcome them. We’ll guide you as we explore different mindsets and develop leadership behaviors that promote progress and inspire others.

    • Leadership coaching is for those looking to grow and develop leadership skills, regardless of whether they are an individual contributor, manager, or senior manager. Get Started with Rising’s Leadership Coaching.
    • Career coaching provides support for employees looking to make a career transition, whether short or long term, including guidance on their professional development and job search. Career coaches may help with resume writing, job searches, online profiles, and job interviewing. While Rising does work with clients to help gain clarity and explore options for a transition, we don’t offer any job search services (i.e., resume writing, job search strategy, etc.)

While both coaches and mentors support people to develop their skills and performance, it is important to understand how they are different so that you can decide if coaching is right for you.

We would define mentors as someone who typically does not have any specialized training in mentorship. A mentor’s main focus is usually passing on specific skills, advice, and expertise to a mentee so they can be more successful. Many solicit mentors within their own organizations, perhaps a current or previous manager.

A coach is specially trained to provide guidance to help you reach your goals and your full potential. We listen, ask questions, empower, and expand your thinking. 

Your Rising coach, Alina Campos, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Positive Psychology Practitioner.

Most clients benefit from a 6-month engagement, with meetings bi-weekly for the first three months and monthly for the last three.

Some clients work in short 3-month engagements to sprint towards a hyper-specific goal.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes.

After your initial chemistry call, we establish your goals and start to work towards them. 

Our first session focuses on your DiSC assessment. The assessment helps you understand yourself more deeply, providing insights into your most productive behaviors, as well as behaviors that may be holding you back.

Each session will include accountability, as well as tactical discussions about your goals. 

Session time can also be a great opportunity to unpack specific challenges in the workplace, upcoming meetings, and leadership opportunities.

6-month engagements also include a 360 feedback assessment to help you gain an understanding of how your direct reports, peers and manager are experiencing your leadership.

Yes! Rising is primarily focused on supporting women in tech, and we also coach individuals across all industries.

Rising is focused on private, one-on-one executive coaching. 

For workshops and customized leadership development programs, please visit Institute of Positive Leadership.

For corporations interested in group work, workshop coordinators in need of program assistance, or inquiries about DiSC Assessments, send us an email.

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