Working with Alina radically helped my confidence and self-esteem when I walked into a new design leadership role. Every time we met, I unearthed more about myself, my strengths, and my values in leadership. Finally, I feel equipped with the tools and attitude as I grow in my career.

Auldyn Matthews, Associate Director of User Experience at Phreesia

Alina’s expert guidance helped me navigate the dynamic environment of a tech company in growth mode. She helped me analyze my work style, clarify my professional goals, and lead confidently. Alina challenged me to grow professionally with a highly-informed and supportive approach.

Brigitte Brady-Harris, Vice President of Marketing at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Alina coached me through a very challenging and pivotal point in my career with compassion and genuine care. She helped me to gain clarity on what I wanted to create for myself and my team and supported me in learning to let go of all that was getting in the way of my goals. The tools and resources Alina shared with me equipped me to make a very significant change in my professional life that has bettered me in so many ways both personally and professionally. I will be forever grateful that I invested the time and energy I did with her and will always consider her support to be a key factor in the success and satisfaction I have experienced since!

Samantha Bivenour, Senior Manager, Specialty Recruiting at Peloton Interactive

Alina has been invaluable in my quest to land on my dreams as I went through a massive internal transformation in the last two years. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. She has a good knack for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and can help create a powerful vision that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. I could confide in her, stay honest and vulnerable and I learned a lot about myself in the process. In a recent top-rated leadership class in business school, I felt the confidence, self awareness and joy ooze through me as I had already discovered my purpose and vision through my coaching with Alina. She was my kick-starter in helping find my purpose and setting the path to my reality.

Sushmita Venkatraman, Director of Growth Strategy at Ginkgo Bioworks

I always enjoy working with Alina, especially during this transitional point in my career. She has helped me to take the leap and start in a new direction.

She is giving me the confidence to chart a new path forward.

Myesha H., Documentation Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

My coaching sessions with Alina are both thought provoking and engaging. She has helped me realize what my strengths and interests are and provided me with guidance to design a career path that will not only keep me engaged but also fulfill my values.

Clarissa M., Director Of Project Management in Marketing

Alina did a great job of helping me gain clarity on where I wanted to go next. She asked compelling questions and helped me identify themes and values that are important to me. I went into the conversation feeling stuck and came out of it with a clearer view of where I want to go and the steps needed to get there.

Victoria M., Chief Finance Officer in Healthcare

Alina has been instrumental to helping me navigate difficult situations not only while within the day-to-day of my career responsibilities, but also in my career path by providing helpful tools and guidance to broadly explore my options. My sessions with Alina have always been a treat and something that I look forward to in my weeks. Having the space and time to work through issues with her guidance has helped me come to new conclusions and ideas where I was otherwise stuck and not sure what to do. Alina has a way of helping you realize your own solutions to problems, truly empowering you to look within for answers and ideas instead of second guessing yourself.

Victoria M., Chief Finance Officer in Healthcare

I really enjoyed my experience working with Alina. In our brief 30-min session, I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and concerns related to my career path. She provided thorough feedback and helped me interpret my underlying values and passions in support of my future aspirations. She took a holistic view on understanding my background while helping me understand how my previous and current experiences will help me thrive. I’d totally work with her again in the future and recommend her services to anyone considering a coach.

Anonymous, Higher Education

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