Why Choose Rising

Balancing well-being with performance at work

We’re committed to empowering and equipping women in tech through our one-on-one coaching.

Our Mission

Helping women lead with purpose and confidence


We understand your challenges.

We’ve been there. Steeped in the complicated dynamics of the workplace. There are many common themes we see come up for women in leadership - especially tech professionals - and our approach helps you rise above.

Managing Changing Priorities

Let’s talk about how you can stay grounded and strategic.

Finding Work-Life Balance

We discuss how to avoid and manage burnout despite a fast-paced work environment.

Navigating Start-Up Growth Pains

Let’s discover how you can be nimble and resilient at work.

Lack of Women in Leadership

We’ll unpack topics like self advocacy, managing imposter syndrome, and increasing visibility.

Our Values

Showing Up Authentically

Cultivating Curiosity

Pursuing Growth

Choosing Optimism

Coaching Certifications

Your Rising Coach

Meet Alina Campos


Alina is a certified executive coach and facilitator with a passion for helping women leaders in tech realize their greatest potential.

As a San Francisco Bay Area native, Alina has always been surrounded by the tech industry and had her first taste of its work-culture when interning for a tech marketing agency during her junior year in college. Throughout her 18 years in marketing, she worked side-by-side with and managed creative, engineering, and project management talent. Alina also spent more than a decade in director-level roles for Operations, HR, and Development functions.

Alina received her coach training and certification at the highly regarded Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, California. She also studied coaching psychology and positive psychology at the University of East London.

In addition to her private practice, Alina works as an executive coach for BetterUp and Torch – leading tech brands in the learning and development space – and as an executive coach and facilitator for Her New Standard, a premium women’s leadership development company based out of New York. She continues to enjoy living in the Bay Area with her husband and two sons.

When Women rise...

Innovative women “solutionaries” are architecting

transformative futures

in government, public service, business, and in the climate movement.

Having female senior leaders creates

less gender discrimination

in recruitment, promotion and retention


“most admired” companies

have twice as many women at the senior management level

Companies see

50% higher profits

when women are in leadership

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