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Do you want to make your team stronger? Have you always been curious about leadership development? Need a solution to reduce turnover and boost morale? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, Rising is here to help.

Rising partners with companies to create healthy organizations using Everything DiSC ®. Our goal is to empower organizations to overcome workplace challenges and create positive change.
Whether you know exactly what you want or just starting to explore, we’ll collaborate with you to create the Everything DiSC® program that best fits your needs.

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Workplace On Catalyst
  • Gain insights into your behaviors and those of others.
  • Understand and appreciate the work styles of others.
  • Learn how to communicate and persuade more effectively.
  • Create strategies for overcoming challenges when working with people of different DiSC® styles.
363 for Leaders
  • In-depth feedback report provides insight on your leadership outlook, subdivided by manager, direct report, and peer group
  • Offers additional insights on the Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership as well as 24 Leadership Practices.
  • Offers three personalized strategies as immediate, actionable next steps.
  • Custom facilitator report and coaching supplement also available.
  • Management-specific report focuses on directing, motivating, and developing staff who report to you.
  • An entire section is devoted to working with your own manager.
  • The language of the narrative is supportive, personalized and easily understood without the intervention of an assessment professional.

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